My Kid’s Chart

Stay Up To Date With Your Child's Medical Care Plan
with My Kid's Chart

My Kid’s Chart is your free all-in-one place secure portal that tracks, not only 

your children’s medical records, but their entire health care plan. 

My Kid's Chart

Why I should register an account?

My Kid's Chart is a free and secure online portal that houses all of your children's medical records and beyond. Assume your children's school asks about what shots they have already received — you can find it here. If you forget when your upcoming appointment is — you can find it here and more. My Kid's Chart will make keeping track of your children's medical care easier.

I have more than one child do I need to create more than one account?

No, you do not need more than one account. My Kid's Chart will list all your children and all your children's medical records in one account but in separate tabs, so it's easy to keep track of multiple children's medical care history.

I want to create an account, how do I do that?

To create an account, at your next appointment tell one of our team members, call the office, or email Dr. Springer stating you'd like to create a My Kid's Chart account. We will register all your information and send you a registration email.

Follow Your Child’s Medical Care

Your child’s medical records and your children’s medical care shouldn’t be a mystery.

Create your free account in minutes, log in, and stay updated.