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We want you and your child to feel comfortable when you come to visit.

Casper Children’s Center is made up of a number of highly-qualified-experienced-professional health care providers that genuinely care about the well being of your child.

Our experienced team is lead by Wyoming’s first neonatologist and American Academy of Pediatrics certified pediatrician — Dr. Shelley Springer. 

Meet our team


Our Team

Dr. Shelley Springer

Dr. Springer


Dr. Shelley Springer received her MD degree from the Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, in 1994. She completed a residency in Pediatrics and a fellowship in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, in 2000.

Fully board certified and maintained by the American Board of Pediatrics in both specialties, Dr. Springer practiced as a neonatologist (sick and premature babies) all around the country until forming Casper Children’s Center in 2014.

Dr. Springer is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and works closely with them to develop Clinical Practice Guidelines and promote evidence-based medicine in pediatrics.

Dr. Springer has three children, all delivered while she was a medical student. She has experienced first-hand the challenges of working mothers. She knows the importance of being able to reach your pediatrician when your child is ill and the struggles when family and career obligations collide. She is committed to embracing new knowledge and technology when it makes lives better while holding onto traditional values. A believer in the power of Mother Nature, she does not hesitate to intervene when necessary.

RN JoAnna Casper Children's Center



JoAnna is a Casper native, a mother of three, the lead Registered Nurse (RN), and a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) at Casper Children’s Center.

Some things JoAnna does include:

  • collecting your current health information from you at the beginning of every visit
  • administering medications or treatments ordered by Dr. Springer
  • helping you understand important information about your health 

  • refilling medications and/or giving new immunizations 

  • and more! 

Also in 2016, JoAnna became a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC.) She is available to help all of our breastfeeding moms — struggling or not!

Any questions or problems you may will most likely be answered by JoAnna.









Lena Casper Children's Center



Lena is one of the first faces you will see when you walk in. She is the front-desk receptionist. Lena does everything from checking you in for your appointment to providing you with the proper paperwork and making sure your child’s routine shots are up-to-date. 

Lena is originally from Missouri, but has lived in Wyoming for the majority of her life. She has five children that have children of their own — seven grandchildren to be exact! 

On the weekends she enjoys spending her time with her entire family, and in the summer she enjoys taking the boat out on the lake with her husband. 

Her favorite part about working at Casper Children’s Center is seeing all the little ones grow and all the different personalities they bring to the practice on a daily basis.

Say hi to Lena on your next visit.






Megan Medical Assistant


Medical assistant

Megan is Dr. Springer’s Medical Assistant. Once you and your child leave the waiting room and move into an exam room your visit will (most likely) start with Megan. 

Megan will collect all your information and will provide you with any updated medicines and vaccines your child may need. 

Depending on your visit you will meet with Dr. Springer and then you will see Megan again with any treatments and/or procedures Dr. Springer orders. 

Megan moved to Casper, WY from Fort Collins, CO but is originally from Liverpool, England. She loves to travel and has been to three continents and ten countries and has no plans of stopping any time soon. 

In her spare time she enjoys, Megan enjoys shopping and spending time with her fiancé and her three fur children.

Although Megan doesn’t have any human children of her own, she looks forward to helping yours family grow and feel better. Feel free to ask Megan any questions you may have


Sarah RN



Sarah is part of Dr. Springer’s registered nurse team. Sarah is a recent graduate and will help facilitate medications, exams, immunizations, and more for your child during their visit.

Sarah works directly with Dr. Springer to make sure your child is feeling better faster. 

Sarah is a born and raised Casper, WY native. When she’s not helping you and your family she enjoys spending time with her son, boyfriend, and the rest of her huge family, including her dogs and horses.

Sarah has worked with kids for the majority of her life and continuously looks forward to working with a patient population she enjoys.

Danny Nutritionist


Nutritionist Lead

Danny is a University student who focuses primarily on dietetics. He has worked with Dr. Springer to develop and (now) maintain Casper Children’s Center’s nutrition and weight loss program for growing children and adolescences.  

This program focuses on shifting eating patterns slowly and creating lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in adjusting your child’s eating habits talk to Danny about joining the Casper Children’s Center nutrition program.






The Casper Children’s Center team cares about the entire community.

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