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You always hear negative things about having a birthday so close to Christmas, but it doesn't always have to bad. Here are five positives about having a Christmas baby.


1. Giving Birth Close To The Holidays Has Everyone In A Festive Mood

Holiday times brings out upbeat music playlists, decorations, and sweet treats. Therefore, your delivery room should be perceived as a more positive and exciting environment.

2. Your Spouse Should Be Home

Holiday vacation time is usually given to employees, so your spouse shouldn't have to worry about taking off extra time. Just have them take off holiday time and then they'll be home for the holidays and the special arrival of your new member!

3. All Your Family Should Be Around

Holidays usually mean family time. Therefore, inviting a new family member to the team should make the rest of the family extra excited to be around for the holidays. 

4. You don't Have To Cook

With so many others around for the holidays there are more than enough people available to help cook. No need to feel bad for taking a year off.

5. Best Christmas Present EVER

Best reason of all, in the end you will have received the best present you could have asked for. 


See, don't listen to all that negative Christmas baby talk. Having a Christmas baby is glorious!